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The Commonwealth of Virginia. To the Sheriff of Accomack County, Greeting: We command you, that you do not omit for any liberty in your [illegible], but that you talk Daniel Hously free negro, [ltes] of this Parish of St. Geroge County of Accomack, of [illegible] [illegible], found [illegible] in the [illegible] [illegible] safely [Keep], do that you have his body, before the justiecs [justices] of the County Courts for the said County of Accomack on this 1st day of November [illegible], to accuse us of a certain misdemeanor whereof he stands to changed. And have then there this [illegible] [illegible] [There] as R. [illegible] [Clerk?] of own said County of Accomack on the 1st day of November 1838 & [and] in the 13th year of the Commonwealth. [illegible] P. [J]. [Ailworth] [Dy] for Tho [Thomas] R Joynes