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The Commonwealth of Virginia. To the Sheriff of Accomack County, Greeting: We command you, that you do not omit for any liberty in your [bailiwick?], but that you take Daniel Hously free negro, late of this Parish of St. Geroge & County of Accomack, if he be found within the same & him safely Keep, so that you have his body, before the justices of our County Courts for the said County of Accomack on the 1st day of November Term next, to answer us of a certain misdemeanor whereof he stands charged. And have them there this [illegible] Witness Thomas R. [illegible] Clerk of our said Court of Accomack on the 7th day of November 18301 [1831] & in the [43]rd year of the Commonwealth. Teste J. J. Ailworth Dy for Tho R Joynes [cde]