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Copy of Presentments August [from] 18401 [1841] Virginia, Accomack County [sc] Ho, the [illegible] for the said county , [upon] [new] oaths [illegible]. Briuget Bib, Isaac [llegible] Peters, Arthur and Franny [illegible] emancipated since the [illegible] day of May 1806 for remaining within this County & [and] this Commonwealth more than twelve [monthes] after this [one] gift of freedom accrued. The said Briuget Bib and Issacbeing emancipated by William D Cropper & [and] the [illegible] Mayor Peter, Arthur & [and] Franny, by Joseph [Illegible] upon the information of John D [Frule] & [and] Oliver Logan [Cause] of the [illegible] called on by the courts. [Janus] [Walker] A [illegible] Copy [Lish] [Illegible] for Tho [Thomas] Rhymes