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[Mt Carnael Sabbath?/illegible] Dear, dear, Husband, Thursday night I received your letter written last Sabbath , I was very glad to hear that you [were] better [and] that you [illegible] comparitively comfortable [and] only the sixth day Mr [illegible] called [and] left your water, [and] said that you off for the seat of war. It came after so suddenly ; the news of your [illegible] [and] the water right from your hands [and] that I was to [illegible] to say much to him. He said you [were] well [and] hearty, for which I feel as if I could [illegible] be sufficiently thankful. Last night I received your [illegible] on the eve of your [illegible] on the evening Maria [Cook?] came down to try bring me the word that you sent by [Cook?], so you see your messages all reached me, but love I try to hear from you now; if I could my lover that you [were] safe [and] well today, what a relief it would be to me. You can [illegible] lover how [illegible] I am about you, they all tell me that you will not get there sometime to [illegible] in the battle