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in the Blues - altho I am rejoiced that their so well & so happy & in Phi'a, yet I do feel most miserably without her & the boys altho so happy & enjoying herself so much & so much attended to, she is quite ready to come home, I suppose they will leave Phi'a this week, & I trust the River will not freeze until she is safe here -- It is a pity that she could not stay all winter & I with her, as she certainly would be improved as well as gratified there -- I find my resolution more confirmed as to going with her if she ever marries - as I really cannot [illegible] life without at least one of my children--& Elwyn once begged me for Tiffin's sake not to make the determination public, but I am sure she will choose a clever fellow, & if clever, will we not prefer having such an appendage as such a mother in law -- My favorite Frank Gray is in [illegible] on business for some weeks, & intends to favor us with a visit Miss Anna & I are trying to keep some Roses in bloom or blooming for him -- My Darling [illegible] & blessed [illegible] were well on the [illegible] previous Ella was cutting 6 teeth, & suffered great pain sometimes, but I [illegible] her spirits -- they always send much love -- poor things they will only make 160 [illegible] instead of 350 -- [illegible] early frost & then warm damp weather -- they are