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12 FIRES. July 14TH, 1890, Dwelling, Henry Street, Linnehan owner, loss $25 00 August 3d, 1890, Dwelling, Green Street, owner not known, loss ________ August 12th, 1890, Steamer Commodore, owner not known 250 00 December 30th, 1890, Dwelling, South Street, J. S. Crawford owner, loss 100 00 January 17th, 1891, Ocean House Hotel, C. H Johnson owner, loss 400 00 January 20th, 1891,Dwelling, Fifth Street, Mrs. Fletcher owner, loss 10 00 February 8th, 1891, Mansion House, Henry Kirn owner, loss 130 00 June 24th, 1891, Dwelling, Second and Wythe Streets, T. O'Connor owner, loss 900 00


Total $8,815 00 APPARATUS. The Engines and Hose Carts of the Department are all in first-class condition and ready for all emergencies. The horses are in first-class order, trained and well adapted to the service. HOSES.