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13 ment such a system of fire alarm as will give to them in the shortest possible time the exact locality to which they must repair. In my last report I gave the advantages that would be secured by adopting the Electric fire alarm system, and with the record the Portsmouth Fire Department has, and of which all citizens should be proud, the Council should aid them by all of the latest methods for fire extinguishing purposes; in adopting a fire alarm system the Council furnishes to every property holder the means near at hand in case of fire for giving an instantaneous and definite alarm thus saving thousands of dollars in property, and sometimes human life. In conclusion I wish to return o his Honor, the Mayor, and the Committee on Fire Department my thanks for the many courtesies received from them. I return my thanks to the Officers and Members of the Fire Department for the promptness with which they have answered the call of duty. To the Chief and Assistant Chief of Police and their subordinates, my thanks are also due and are hereby tendered for valuable services rendered at fires. Very Respectfully, WM. T. ROBINSON, Chief Engineer Portsmouth Fire Department. _________________________________ BOARD OF HEALTH REPORT. Portsmouth, Va., July 15th, 1891. Hon. J. Thompson Baird, Mayor: The Officers connected with this Department have been most faithful for the past twelve months in their efforts to maintain the high hygienic standard which our city has attained and enjoyed for the past five years. The contractors with the city have fulfilled their parts of the contracts with entire satisfaction, not only to the Board of Health but the citizens at large, there being but few complaints now from any source.