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Associated Charities 611 High Street Portsmouth Virginia October 10, 1928

F. A. Duke, Chairman, Kiwanis Fresh Air Farm Portsmouth, Virginia

Dear Sir: Inadequate are the words to express our gratitude to your organization for selecting most of your children for your Fresh Air Farm. (Written: Through our Associated charter.) 104 children returned to their homes with health greatly improved and higher ideals, instilled in them by splendid supervision of Miss Faison, Director, and Miss Kline, Assistant. Many mothers had good rest also more food for children left at home. As many children cared for through July and August at Farm came from homes where food was very scarce. One mother said, Mrs. Williams I've been able to eat what I need for my baby, since my two girls have been at the Farm. Another mother said, Please thank Kiwanis Club for taking care of my children while I was so sick and my husband in jail. The children all want to go back next year have promised to be good so their names can be placed on list. Many are sad because they will be too old to go next year. During the heat of July and August your Doctors were examining and operating, giving these children every attention; while these Mothers hearts were overflowing with gratitude, for service rendered as they had no money to have tonsils removed and teeth treated. Near close of camp ninety three mothers and their babies had delightful trip to farm. Entertainments and refreshments furnished. They are like the children for they had such a good time, and want to know if they can go again next summer. Please know we count it a privilege to serve you at all times. Do you think our Organization means anything to Portsmouth, Virginia.

Very truly yours, Mr. M. O. Williams Executive Secretary