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[CERTIFICATE FOR FELONY NOT BAILED.] CITY OF RICHMOND, To Wit: To the Clerk of the Hustings Court of said City: I, Joseph Mayo Mayor of the said City, do hereby certify that I have this day committed Abner a slave of Frances [Gathwright?] to the jail of the said City, that he may be tried by the hustings Court of the said City for a felony by him committed, in this, that on the 21st day of January in the year 1865, at the City of Richmond, and within the jurisdiction of the Hustings Court of the said City, he did feloniously and burglariously break and enter in the night time of that day the dwelling house of William Palmer with intent to commit larceny therein, and did then and there feloniously and burglariously take, steal and carry away one demijohn of the value of ten Dollars; four gallons of Molasses of the value of twenty Dollars, one silver plated coffee [urn?] of the value of four hundred Dollars, two silver plated Teapots of the value of one hundred Dollars each, sixteen pounds of soap of the value of eighty Dollars, one [illegible] of bacon of the value of one hundred Dollars, and one oak [casket? basket?] of the value of five Dollars, from the said dwelling house of the goods and chattles of William Palmer.

Given under my hand this 23rd day of January in the year 1865 Joseph Mayo Mayor.