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William Palmer sworn deposed that on the night of the 21st day of January 1865, his dwelling house was entered by means of a ladder and the window in the Second Story was broken and the lower sash of the window was very securely fastened up, the upper sash was lowered through which the thieves entered. The Storeroom was entered and the Silver ware and articles enumerated in the Mayors Certificate were stolen. The entrance was effected by means of a ladder put up to the window fronting on Main Street. The goods were carried off out of that way. [illegible] knows that the window was securely fastened. A small quantity of the Soap was found under the window where it had been dropped. [illegible] knows that the goods were in the house on the night that they were stolen. [illegible] and family reside in the house. Wm. N Kelley police officer swore deposed that the morning after the robbery, he gained information that he could find some of the stolen goods at the prisoners house. [illegible] with Officer Griffin went to the house and found the prisoner & his wife in the house. Griffin took charge of the prisoner and his wife got up and went to the next room and stood with her [illegible] over the basket containing the silver ware. The prisoner said that he got the silver from a soldier. The [illegible] then searched and found the [demijohn?] and [illegible] and neat, W. Palmer identified the property as his own.