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City of Richmond, to wit: To the Clerk of the Hustings Court of said City. I, James K. Caskie Recorder of said City, do certify that I have this day committed Joseph Harris, James Brown and Jones Brown free negroes, to the Jail of the said City, that they may be tried by the Hustings Court of the said City, for a felony by them committed in this, that on the 23rd day of February 1865, at the City of Richmond and within the jurisdiction of the Hustings Court of the said City, they did feloniously attempt to carry off, aid, assist, connive at and were concerned in the escape of Sarah and Betty slaves the property of B.T.C. Robins to escape from their master and owner with intent that the said slaves Sarah and Betty should leave this State and with intent to defraud and deprive the said B.T.C. Robins of their said slaves Sarah and Betty. Given under my hand this 32. day of March 1865. James K. Caskie Recorder.