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Colored Poll Book 1st District Louisa County Va List of voters.Colored. Continued M Morris, George Mitchell, William Marshall, Nelson Mitchell, Jerdon Mitchell, Shelton Mitchell, William Mallory, Thomas Marshall, Chapman McGee, James Martin, John Michie, John N Nicholas, Richard O Overton, William Overton, Spencer Jr Overton, David Overton, Andrew Overton, Spencer Sr Overton, Alexr. P Pendleton, Jerry Powell, A.I.(?) Perkins, Edmund Perkins, George Poindexter, Guy Q Quarles, Harry Quarles, Samuel Jr. Quarles, Albert Quarles, Reuben Quarles, Samuel Sr. Quarles, Randall Quarles, Garland Quarles, Arthur Quarles, Armisted R Ragland, Nat Ragland, Jacob Rollins, Jack Ragland, Lewis Ragland, Richard Ragland, Solomon Riley, William Ragland, Wm Ragland, Robert