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Colored Poll Book 1st District Louisa County Va List of voters. Colored. concluded

S Shelton, Jacob Simms, Jack Shelton, Thomas Saddler, James Scott, Smith Scott, Danl. Stewart, Frank Scott, Harry Stewart, Andrew Saunders, Harry Smith, John T Tinsley, Overton Tinsley, John Tinsley, Wyatt Turner, John Tinsley, William Thompson, Morton Tinsley, Wesley Tinsley, Gabriel Timberlake, Joseph Tinsley, Samuel Tinsley, Jackson Tinsley, Walker Tyler, Mat Tyler, Lewis Tinsley, Joseph Tinsley, Winston Terrell, Harry Tyler, Jesse W Wheeler, Richard Wood, Harry Watson, Waddy Wilkerson, Richard White, Armanias Wheeler, Overton White, Janus Washington, Marshall Williams, Solomon Walker, Richard Winston, Jerdon Williams, Gabriel Washington, George Watson, Reuben Wells, Robert Washington, Saml Winston, Saml Wright, Jefferson Wilkerson, Cyrus Watson, Henry Watson, David Winston, Thomas Wilkerson, Ned Y Yancy, Charles Young, Willis