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Names of colored voters polled in the 11st Dist [District] Pittsva [Pittsylvania] Co [County] Va [Virginia]. A Allen, George Adkins, Samuel Allen, Thomas Adkins, Wesley Adkins, James Adkins, Henry Allen, Richard B [Burnard?], Agustus Bowell, Willey Bradner, Haden Breedlove, Robertson Breedlove, Lewis Belcher, Sampson Blair, Thomas C Clement, Joe Cook, Thomas Carter, Tarlton Clement, Henry Carter, Nat Carter, George H Carter, Joseph Coal, Frank Carter, John Carter, Edward Cobbs, [Green? Gum?] Campbell, Robt [Robert] Craft, Amstead Cook, Frank Cook, Lewis Cook, Charles Clement, Willy Cobbs, William Cobbs, Isaac Clement, Jos [Joseph] Cook, Spencer Calhoon, Obey Craft, Hartwell Calland, John Craft, Alexander Coleman, Patrick