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G Graham, Danl [Daniel] Giles, John Goode, Henry Gallego, Isham [Grinnall? Grissnall?], Simon [Grinnall? Grissnall?], Henderson Goode, Thos [Thomas] Gray, Robt [Robert] Goode, Frank Gould, Henry Goode, Washington Gilliam, Jesse Giles, London Gaugh, Abraham Giles, George H Harris, Otum Harris, George Harris, Allen Hamilton, Jas [James] Harris, George Hughes, Henry Harris, Jas [James] Hobson, [Wah?] Hobson, Charles Harris, Thomas Harper, Wm [William] Harper, Andrew Holland, Danl [Daniel] Hubbard, Reubin Hubbard, Reubin Hubbard, Geo [George] Howell, Alfred Hicks, Reubin Howell, Wm [William] Hobson, Booker Hubbard, Jas [James] Hicks, Holman Harris, Theopholus