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To the Honorable members of the Virginia Legislature. Your petitioner Samuel Johnston a free man of colour humbly represents that in consideration of your petitioners faithfull services and strong claims to public favour an act for his emancipation was passed by your Honorable Body in the year of that your petitioner has subsequently acquired the ownership of his daughter [illegible] that the upright deportment and good moral character of said [illegible] has acquired for her the favour respect and good wishes of this community generally. That your petitioner with those feeling natural to men whose lives are not blemished with vice or crime possesses an anxious desire that his daughter should be free and reside with him in the land of her nativity, where he has realized property sufficient for her support. Your petitioner therefore hoping that his ardent pursuit of an object to him most important and most dear will not be offensive to your Honorable Body humbly requests that an act of your Honourable Body may be passed emancipating his said daughter. And your petitioner as in [illegible] [illegible] will ever pray &c. &c. Novb 14. [1826?] Samuel Johnston