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Robert M. Horowith 40-37 77 Street Jackson Heights New York

Bernard Shafer 1085 East 52 No St. Bklyn. N.Y.

Seymour G. [Pashboss?] 818 Fox St. Bronx, N.Y.

Arthur E. Hayner 17 Noxon Street Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Frank T. Garvis Meadville, Penna.

Mrs. Ruth Yasser N.Y.

Mr. Willard B. Soule Easton Penna.

Mr. William H. [illegible] 1030 Yeadom Ave Yeadom, Del Co. Pa.

Howard C. King Joun. 706 Maple Ave ship will be in Conneaul Ohio next weekend.