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The object of The Polygon Club is to encourage and promote service, health, fellowship, education, and progress among the members and in the community in an atmosphere of Christian living. CHARLIE STURTEVANT, Editor.

In Memoriam CHRISTOPHER STOKES MORSE The late Mr. Julian L. Smith, General Secretary of the Y. M. C. A. for a number of years, made two valuable contributions to the Polygon Club. More than fourteen years ago, he conceived the idea of such a club. Then. when he had settled on what he thought was the right man for assistance he called the first group together. THe man he selected was Mr. Christopher S. Morse. From March, 1929 until his death, March 25, 1936, Mr. Morse served as Advisor - the first and only one the club has had. His presence at our meeting was an inspiration to all of us. His steadfast interest and untiring efforts contributed immeasurably to the club's existence. We learned to depend on his guidance and his counsel. He possessed the rare gift of understanding and patience. He wasn't an older man, leading a younger group, he was one of us, with all the enthusiasm and bouyancy hat we had, plus the wisdom and knowledge that only maturity can bring. After his death, the club debated the selection of a sucessor. It was finally decided to leave the office vacant, not so much because we were older and didn't need an advisor, but because we felt he was irreplaceable, that it was unfair to ask anyone to try to fill his post.

The President's Column As we celebrate the 14th anniversary of the Club on March 16th, our thoughts will turn to those members in the armed service of our country who have continued to show an active interest in the progress of the Club since they have been away. Where are they and what are they doing? A. V. Pearce has recently been transferred to an island slightly closer to the retreated Japs. For sometime he was on New Caledonia and his company had quite a farm with chickens, goats, and pigs. A. V. even bought a horse along with some of his buddies. We understand that Uncle Sam suggested that the animals be left behind when the company was transferred. Walter Stainback was still in Panama at the last report and we suppose that Lewis Thomas is still chasing Japs in the Pacific but not on his original ship. Hilary Hux was packing to embark but a recent letter reports him still at Fort Riley enjoying grand food and thirty inches of snow while Sam Wiseman in Bermuda basks in the sunshine on the beach on Christmas day. Here are the others. Teddy Barr at Fort Bragg, N. C.; George Gaskins and FRan Joynery at Baltimore, Md.; Brooke Pruden at Alexandria, La.; Charlie Major at Fort Story, Va.; Elwood Boyce at Fort Hancock, N. J.; Bert Saunders at Governors Island, N. Y.' Morris Gardner at Camp Swift, Texas; Raymond Lively at Hampton, Va.; Carlton Craig at Waynesboro, Va.; John Stewart at Camp Adair, Oregon; Billy Renn at Coronada Cal.; Henry Jacocks at Norfolk, Va. with Brooks, Chapman, Cotten, Edwards, and Hall still residing at home. Brooks and Hall are still regularly attending meetings.

   Fraternally yours, 
        [Joshua?] J. Jackson