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THE HAND SHAKE Three What Has The Program Committee Planned For This Month?

PAST AND PRESENT SECRETARIES REYNOLDS CROSS Following Chester Reynolds' resignation on February 9, Clifton Cross was elected to fill the unexpired term as secretary of the club. Chester reported to Camp Lee on February 24 as a Volunteer Officer Candidate.

Major - Corporal - Captain "A Major is the captain of the Fort Story basketball team...He's also a corporal...However this is no time to be fooling around with the military and you straighten it out this way: Corp. Charles Major, captain of the Fort Story quint...A good one, too...They have won 17 against seven defeats, have only one man who played college ball and their coach is the former V.M.I star, Capt. Charley Hancock." - W. N. Cox in Norfolk Virginian-Pilot

BIRTHDAY CONGRATULATIONS TO: Laurence Wilkinson....March 4 Francis Joyner...March 6 Warren Lively...March 10 Thomas Bradley...March 14 Rosser Brinkley...March 18 Collins Owens....March 19 Warren Failes...March 30

We'd like to know, too! The anniversary banquet, election, and initiations of new memebrs accounts for three of the five Tuesday's in the month, leavin two programs to be prepared by the March Program Chairman Elwood Twilley. In vain we have sought to pry this information from the forementioned gentleman. All to no avail! We confess our failure. But we did our best, mom! E. Twilley Program Chairman MARCH 2nd  ? MARCH 9th Regular quarterly election of new members. All nominations must be in the hands of the secretary not later than March 2nd. Forms may be obtained from the president. MARCH 23rd  ? MARCH 30th Regular quarterly initiation of new members elected on March 2nd. The induction ceremonies are under the direction of the Board of Directors.

ALL MEMBERS, TAKE NOTICE! Effective March 1, dues will be $1.50 per month, payable in advance. This increase is the result of an amendment to the by-laws approved by the membership at the meeting of February 16.

We should never despair. Our situation has before been unpromising and has changed for the better; so, I trust, it will again. If new difficulties arise, we must only put forth new exertions, and proportion our efforts to the exigencies of the times. - George Washington