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VAN DYCK CO-EDITOR THE HAND SHAKE PETZINGER CO-EDITOR Published Weekly By The Polygon Club VOL. 1 Portsmouth, Va., November 8, 1937 No. 35

NAVAL OFFICER ADDRESSES CLUB Lt. Comdr. W. B. Fletcher, U.S.N., gave an interesting and informative talk on submarine life at last Tuesday's meeting. Comdr. Fletcher, Assistant Planning Officer at the local Navy Yard, youched briefly on the history of submarine construction as an introduction to his main topic.

THANKSGIVING DANCE NOTES Chairman Radcliffe is still as busy as ever.....His outlook for a successful dance is still bright, regardless of the 14 to 7 vote against his split dance plan.....To boost a campaign to hasten individual response, Radcliffe offers a special consideration. The first fifteen members who pay up their dance fee, will be entitled to have their dance cards especially arranged to fit their own type of personality........The rest must trust to fate......Don't be surprised if Radcliffe holds several dancess open on his card..Joseph Bowen is the instigator of an attempt to have oysters served at the buffet supper....And Bill Pace will introduce may be found rehearsing at his favorite haunt, the Tip Toe.

SO FAR AND NO FATHER Mother (On entering room unexpectedly) "Well, I never.....!" Daughter: "Oh Mother, you must have."

Important business meeting tomorrow night - Norfolk trip postponed.

The bowling team took three straight from Westhaven Baptist last week. Even the scorekeeper had a chance.


   I wish to enter a protest on the contents of several recent issues of The Handshake. The tone and general theme of those issues were cold, unemotional, and too too precise. What I want to see, is more poetry and not so much stale news. I like the issues John T. Friend edited, those with nice long poems, really I did. Please give us poems in the Handshake. Honest, I love 'em.
    (Signed) Warren Lively

(Editors Note): Sorry but Mr. Kipling is no longer connected with our publication.

Dear Editors:

   I understand that several fellows in the club are not going to attend out Thanksgiving Dance because they are unable to pursuade their girls to go with the,. As a sepcial courtesy to the club, I am offtering this month only, my dating service at a fifty per-cent reduction. Remember my slogan:
   "If your old girl turns you down, 
        Stick out your lip, and curse her
    Get a new one, and show her around
        Just call on old John Mercer."
              Sincerely yours,
                 John Hall, Pres.
             "Halls Female Companion Service"

SHORT, SHORT STORY Extracts from a flapper's diary. On board S.S. Atlantic 1st day out: "Young officer made advances. I repulsed him." 2nd day out: "Young officer made advances. I repulsed him - he threatens to blow up ship if I do so tomorrow." 3rd day out: "I saved 10,000 lives."

The object of The Polygon Club is to encourage and promote service, health, fellowship, education and progress among the members and in the community in an atmosphere of Christian living.