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VANDYCK CO-EDITOR THE HAND SHAKE PETZINGER CO-EDITOR Published Weekly By The Polygon Club VOL. 1 Portsmouth, Va., November 15, 1937 No. 36

NEW EDITORS ANNOUNCED Beginning next week, The Hand Shake will undergo another one of its frequent changes, Jno. T. Jackson, Major Domo of Polygon Publications Inc., has again reached into the hat, and pulled forth two more editors namely Francis Joyner and John Mercer Hall. The new editors ennounced a change in policy which will include several new features, among them a smart and original column on fashions and etuqette which will be conducted by Warren "Laureate" Lively.


VANDYCK'S VANISHED VARIETIES Laurence Wilkinson's favorite song seems to be "Carry Me Back To Ole Virginny". He must have practiced his singing last Tuesday nite..Tweet Twilley is slated to play sidecenter on the Girl Reserve basketaball team. Tweet was met in the lobby of the Y.M.C.A. last Tuesday night by several members of the fairer sex organization and made application for membership. The team must be advocating a one man defense system this year..Who is this Hilda Hildick that Radliffe is so anxious to do "The Big Apple" with at Turkeyday Dance????????? John Friend seems to be well on the way up the ladder to success. Standing on corner, thumbing rides for other fellows, will sure win a fellwer a lot of friends Johnnie...A reel treat in store for members attending our next meeting. The Program Committee has rranged for a square dance with Charles Sturtevant calling the figures..Anyone missing a step will be beaned with a gavel. Music will be furnished by a nationally known orchestra via the N.B.C. network.

ADVICE TOT HE LOVETORN Ask Aunt Agnes Dear Aunt Agnes,

  I have just invited my girl to the Polygon Thanksgiving Dance, and it leaves me in a terrible fix. It seems that she is particularly fond of the new trucking dances and all of the fast and furious hops. But unfortunately, I am one of these slow and romantic dancers who spend more time on smooth talk rather than on actual steps. Please advise me what to do in order to insure a good time for her. 
   Malcolm Joyner

Dear Malcolm,

  The only thing to do is to see Mr. Edward Radcliffe when he arranges the dance cards, and get him to book most of you girl's dances with Bill Pace. 

Dear Auntie,

  I am worried sick. I'm in an awful tight spot. It happened that my good nature and generosity has led me in a pitfall. While on a moonlight excursion last summer, I invited every girl on the boat to our Thanksgiving dance, and two of them accepted! How can I escape from this predicament. 
    George Gaskins

Dear Sonny,

  I suggest that you invite you very close friend, "Chuck" as your guest, and have him as an escort to one of your girl friends. She will be delighted with the change -  if she can tell the difference. 

Girl Friend: "Gee honey, I'm so thin you can feel my ribs," Boy Friend: "Gosh, thanks."

The object of The Polygon Club is to encourage and promote service, health, fellowship, education and progress among the members and in the community in an atmosphere of Christian living.