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TUESDAY AT SEVEN THE HAND SHAKE H.R. Ellis Editor Published Weekly By The Polygon Club Vol. 1 Portsmouth, Va., May 17, 1937 No. 1o

ATTENDANCE CONTEST STANDING Elwood Major's team is till in the lead in the attendance contest. His team has a total of 433 points with Jackson in second place with 395 points. Vaughan's team is trailing with 379 points. It begins to look as if Major can't be caught. The contest only has seven more weeks to go and there are ten members that are still tied for top honors, which means that instead of one hat there will have to be many. We are beginning to wonder just what will be done in case there are too many tied at the end of the contest to award each winner a hat. Maybe we had better give this subject some serious thought.

POLYGONS BOWL AGAIN OR DID THEY Well fellows it's that old sad story again. Our boys went by the wayside again last Wednesday night. The team as a whole did better than it has for some time, but you know when someone else has a wonderful streak of the "can't-miss-em-itis" like the Lions had Wednesday night such as, rolling high-set for the season. You can't do very much about it. One consolation our boys had was that Charlie Sturtevant returned and rolled the high single game for the night, but even that could not come near the brilliant rolling of the Lions. There are only two more weeks left in the season so come on out fellows and give your team some more support.

We don't seem to be able to get any news on "June Night". Come on Joe Bowen, out with it.

BREVITORIAL The President suggests that the members show the same consideration to fellow members addressing the Clubg that has always been shown visiting speakers. One of the greatest benefits to be derived from our club is the training it offers it's members, to speak before large groups so please let's refrain from interruptions and show our members every courtesy they deserve.

ATTENTION ALL TENNIS PLAYERS Those members who at the last club meeting siginified their interest in playing tennis this summer and any others interested, please prepare to meet after tomorrow night's supper meeting to organize for the season.

BULLETIN BOARD BARE The Polygon Club's Bulletin Board on High Street looks a little bare these days. Can't something be done about it? People might get out of the habit of noticing it at all if we don't put something of interest there for them to see.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE PLANS Al Morse, Chairman of the program committee, promises some very interesting progams, but doesn't feel inclined to discuss them with our news digger-upper. Be sure to not miss any of the meetings in the near future. We feel sure they will be of interest to all of us. Don't forget Tuesday night's supper meeting.

The object of the Polygon Club is to encourage and promote service, health, fellowship, education and progress among the members and in the community in an atmosphere of Christian living.