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ELECTION DAY TOMORROW THE HAND SHAKE CHAS. STURTEVANT EDITOR Published Weekly By The Polygon Club Vol. 1 Portsmouth Va., June 21, 1937. No. 15.

POLYGONS COP CITY CHAMPIONSHIP Congratulations!!! Our Bowling Team came through Thursday night by defeating the Catholic Club three staight games in a scheduled five game match to capture the Portsmouth Duck Pin Association Championship. Total scores for the three games: CATHOLIC CLUB 1371--POLYGON CLUB 1446. After eight years of competition in sports of various nature, The Polygon Club has finally broken the ice by winning a trophy that anyone would be proud to own. Let's see if we can't decorate our own club room with a dozen more. This column recommends a cote of thanks to little "Peggy" Vaughan for her support in the gallery every night during the Championship Games.


        O R
        D D I
        D U G
               H S 
               H S

ELECTION OF OFFICERS FOR 1937-1938 Your editor has been called upon to request a 100% attendance tomorrow night for the purpose of electing to office the members you believe most capable of directing the destinies of our organization for the ensuing twelve months. Polls open at 7:30 PM and close at 8:30 PM.

ATTENDANCE CONTEST Major's Team ----- 577 Points Jackson's " ----- 558 " Vaughan's " ----- 515 "

JUNE NIGHT Our paper goes to press on the eve of the Polygon's biggest affair of the year. From all indications the dance this uear promises to outshine those of the past. Even President Pace will be in attendance for the first time in three yeears. Members and their guests are expecting to attend are: Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ames, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cross, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Vaughan, Mr. and Mrs. Clabron Shepherd, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sturtevant, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Friend; Misses Virginia Widley, Mary Hayman, Mary Elizabeth Slater, Sally Rose Chappelle, Evelyn Whitley, Sarah Frances Gayle, Marion Thomas, Claudie Major, Pauline Baker, Dorothy Sturtevant, Marjorie Jones, Elizabeth Wingfield, Ella Lipscomb, Margaret Hudgins, Virginia Hutchins, Mildred Foskey, Dororthy Boyce, Mary Yarbrough; Messrs. Joe Bowen, George Gaskins, Francis Joyner, John Mercer Hall, Elwood Major, Warren Lively, Eddie Wright, John T. Jackson, Buster Vaughan, Bill Moore, Elwood Twilley, Eddie Radliffe, Bill Pace, Laurence Wilkinson, Eddie Talbot, Thornton Van Dyck, Fred Petzinger, Will Roberts; invited guests will be - Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ehrhart, Misses Jean Cooper and Ava Pollard and Messrs. Clyde Stewart and Norwood Richardson.

The reason "Hank" was almost late the metting last week was because he was trying to by a pair of shoes. He finally wound up buying a shoe horn because it was the only thing in the store that would fit him.

Let's boost our home town. The only thing that can't be done well in the city of Portsmouth is a rare steak.

The object of the Polygon Club is to encourage and promote service, health, fellowship, education and progress among the members and in the community in an atmosphere of Christian living.