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"MOW 'EM DOWN" THE HAND SHAKE WM. W. PACE EDITOR Published Weekly By The Polygon Club VOL. 1 Portsmouth, Va., August 23, 1937

BASEBALL SPECIAL The long anticipated baseball game between the Lions Club and the Polygon Club now becomes a reality with announcement that these two crack(?) ball clubs will battle next Thursday night at the stadium under the lights. Playing under the flood-lights should give the Polygon Night Hawks a decided advantage. As Ye Hand Shake goes to press the line-ups of the two teams is not available. Sore arms, sore hands and so forth among the Blue and White makes it decidedly uncertain as to who will play where, even if able. In order not to convey the idea that we are handicapped by these natural ailments, it is well to say that several big bad Lions have been seen lately nursing swollen fingers. At all events it should be a big night for liniment salesman when Polygons try taming Lions in the best approved Clyde and Beatty manner. "Bring 'Em Back Alive" Gaskins it is understood, is talking a good game now, and "Jungle Jim" Friend seems to think "Tarzan" Wilkinson can crack a mean stick all of which should help Thursday. So let's all of us "has-beens" who admit we are too old for this game be out at the Stadium 8:15 HST (Hostility Starting Time) and cheer on dear old Alma Clubby to a great victory. If a tidy sum is raised for charity it will be a great victory whatever the score happens to be.

NEW MEMBER ELECTED Malcolm Joyner, brother of fellow clubman, Francis Joyner, was elected to membership at last week's meeting. Welcome Malcolm, we congratulate you.

IMPORTANT MOTION ADOPTED At last week's meeting, a notion was adopted without dissent that all members purchase one of the new club buttons within thirty days.

EDITORIAL Enlargement of the mebership of the club has been from time to time discussed at length both formally and informally. During the early months of the club new members were taken in from week to week. As the club became more stable elections were held quarterly and this continued in force until recently when amendment was made allowing the weekly system. Experience shows that more members are not taken in under this plan as was the object of advocates of it. The real point is not how many new members we take in nor when we take them in, but rather, how well qualified a new member is for the clib. The Polygon Club is a type of club that will strongly appeal only to young men who have a decidedly serious side in their nature. Failure to realize this accounts largely for dropping off in membership. We would not be honest, however, if at this point, we failed to state that it is clearly the duty of the club to strive always to find such things in keeping with its ideals that will hold the interest of our members. This is the real problem facing the club and one which cannot be dodged. We have only scratched the surface in respect to the possibilities. This fact has been realized from time to time, but no serious thought has been given to it. We call upon each member to give time and thought to this matter that we may solve it as we have solved other problems that faced the club.

"Man's progress thru life is not steadily onward, but for all of us there comes a day when the light turns green and the road ahead is clear."

LAST WEEK'S QUOTATIONS: The first, Franklin D. Roosevelt; the second, Herbert Hoover.

The object of the Polygon Club is to encourage and promote service, health, fellowship, education and progress amond the numbers and in the communirt in an atmosphere of Christian living.