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FALL FESTIVAL ISSUE THE HAND SHAKE JNO. T. JACKSON, 3rd EDITOR Published Weekly By The Polygon Club VOL. 1 Portsmouth, Va., October 18, 1937

FALL FESTIVAL Tonite we present the Lucille Elmore Revue as the third of the series for our fall festival of entertainment. This revue, presenting Lucille Elmore, actress and cousing of Fred Stone, David Hartley, violinist, and Walter Anderson, tenor, brings you a colorfull variety of musical comedy that takes you from iceland to China, from China to the gay nineties; from the glamour of Hollywood to the sidewalks of New York. Miss Elmore, well known ventriloquist will amaze you with her skilful display of strength. She will, with the greatest of ease, toss her voice into the far corners of the auditorium and the amazing part of this feat is that it always comes back. Harold D. Eide gave a vivid description of the hardships encountered exploring the polar regions and founding the town of Spitsbergen. His lecture was most interesting and enjoyed by everyone present last week.

All tickets must be turned in by tomorrow nite. Editors note: We prefer money rather than tickets.

MEETING Tomorrow nite we have our usual supper meeting at 7:00 PM. Please be on time, we will not be responsible for your supper if you arrive after Hank Thomson and Stephen Ames. The Rev. E. R. FitzPatrick, of the Unitarien Church in Norfolk, will be our speaker, He has just returned from a European trip and his talk should be very interesting. Note to wives: -- Supper meetings will be held the third Tuesday each month, make your plans accordingly.

BOWLING NOTES The Polygon bowlers took two, in the second league match, from Park View Baptist last Thursday nite.

   Park View: 454, 477, 440. 
   Polygon Club: 459, 475, 461

The team still lacks the drive shown during the first half of last season and in the playoff matches. Captain Vaughan's threat to use the official scorekeeper in next weeks match with Court Street bids fair to boost the average of last years stars. The team wishes to express thanks to Sturtevant and Gaskins for standing all expenses and the sandwiches they paid for after the match. Those boys will bowl much better next week. Wilkinson, bowling in Talbot's position, got off to a fair start in his first game of the season. He rolls the ball as if he intends to capture one of those cups this year. Will he get it home?

College Professor (Pointing to deer at the Zoo) - Virginia, what is that? Virginia: I don't know. Professor: What do you call . (substiture either one) Virginia: Don't tell me thats a louse.

EDITORIAL The Polygon Club, voting unanimously to accept the invitation to join the Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions in meetings held quarterly with each group planning one program, enters an era bordering upon closer relationship with the older civic clubs in our city. It is with pride that we look back over the years and note the rapid rise of our club its present position.

The object of The Polygon Club is to encourage and promote service, health, fellowship, education and progress among the memebrs and in the community in an atmosphere of Christian living.