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Record of names registered voters (colored). Fifth Magisterial District County of Spotsylvania Virginia voting at the election held October 22nd 1867

A Anderson James Armstrong George ANderson Mat Anderson Jerrey Alefart Harrison Adams [illegible]

B Basey [illegible] Blackburn [illegible] Butter Edward Bankhead Jerrimiah Burrell William Bryant Moses Burr Franklen Bernard Robert Brooks Beverly Bird Smith Bopley James Buckner Robert Brokenberry Henry Butter [illegible] Burton George Bucker [illegible] Bellford James Brown Marchal Black Henry [illegible] Burr WIllson Bailer William Bundy THornton Brook Lacy Brooks Alfred [illegible] William [illegible]Moses Bailer Foster Brown Shepard Bowling Moses Bird Henry Bruce John D. Bank William [illegible] Patterson Barber Phillip [crossed out] Bruce [illegible] Brooks James