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3dly I give and bquath to my son William Pebles all my Land lying between ye [illegible] swamp and Thomas Chappells line up to the dividing line that I have made on wch his brother is bouned and to ye heires male of his body lawfully beg[ot] and for defolt of Issue male to any of ye heirs of his body. 4dly I give and bequath unto my son John Pebles thirty five accres of Land more or less now in the Tennure of Morris Calliham called by ye name of Edmonds and to ye heire males of his body lawfully begotten and for defalt of Issue male to any of the heirs of his body. 5thly I give and bequath unto my two sons Thomas & Henry all my land lying between the burchen Swamp and Coll: Hills line down to ye land given their broth John: to bee equally divided between them and to ye heir male of their bodys lawfully begotten and for default of Issue male to any of ye heirs of their bodys. 6thly I give and bequath to my son David a hors about three years old branded W and one gun and a breeding sow. 7thly I give and bequath to my son William a young Cow a sow and a gun. 8thly I give my son John a gunn and a Cow. 9thly I give my daughfter Sarah Caliham on shilling sterl 10thly Io give my daughfter Jane Porch one shilling sterl 11thly I give my daughfter Christian a feather bed and furniture. 12thly I give my daughfter Hanah my negro girle called Cate after my Wifes decease. 13thly I give my to my Two sons Thomas and Henry each of them a Cow 14thly I give and bequath to my Loveing wife Elizabeth Peebles all ye remaining pt of my estate after my debts and ^ leagasies payd and satisfied excepting my pistol holsters which I herby give my son William and doe herby appoynt my loveing wife my sole Executrix to see this my will and Testament Truly fullfiled as wittness my hand and seal set herunto this 20 of November 169[illegible] William [his mark] Peebles his mark Signed sealed and ddd in pnc of William Harrison Charles Gee Thomas Anderson Prooved in Court by the oathes of William Harrison Charles Gee and Thomas Anderson and Recorded P[er] Order of the Justices. Aug: 5: 1695 Test. James Minge Cl Cur This indenture made this third day of August1695 between Thomas Bussby senr of Charles Citty County of ye one party and Benjamin Foster of ye County aforesaid of ye other pty. Witnesseth yt ye sd Tho: Busby for a valluable consideration in hand pay and delivered by ye sd Forter whewith ye sd Busby holdeth himself fully satisfied contented and payd hath aliened enfeofed asigned and sold unto ye sd Benjamin Foster his heirs and assignes for ever a certain parcill of land conteing by estimation one hundred and fifty acres more of less situate lying and being on ye southside of ye black water swamp and bounded as followes begining at Mr Wallis his Corner Tre runing southeast to Mr. Muncy & his line thence down to a meadow branch called by ye name of Georges along Mr Minge line to ye black Water Swamp [illegible]