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To the place where it begun To have and to hold ye sd one hundred and fifty acres of Land unto him ye sd Benjamin Foster his heires and assignes for ever and ye sd Tho: Busby doth for himself and his heirs farther covenant promis and grant to and with the sd Benjamin Foster his heires and assignes That the barganed premices shall be kept maintained and defended to bee free and Clear of all in Cumbrances whatsoever that may dessterbed or obstruct this present bargain and saile: and that ye sd Foster his heirs and assignes forever shall and may peacably and quiet have hold use occupie possess and enjoy ye sd one hundred and fifty accres of Land with out ye hindrance let vexation or Interuption of him ye sd Tho. Busby and his heires for ever or any other pson what so ever laying any clame or pretening any right to or in ye barganed premices or any part therof and yt ye sd Tho: Busby and his heires shall and will att a reasonably requst and Charge of ye sd Foster his heirs and assignes is cause so require make signe seale and deleiver such other Convances assureances & confirmation of ye premices: as ye sd Foster his heirs and assignes: or any of his or their Councill learned in the law shall reasonably advise devise compose or contrive: and yt ye sd Tho: Busby shall and will att ye next cort holden in Charles Citty County: authenticate and acknowledg this deed according to law and for obligation to ye true and reall prformance of all ye gifts grants covenants articles and causes above mentioned ye sd Tho. Busby has sett his hand and seal ye day and year first above Written Tho. Busby [seal] seale Signed Sealed and ddd in pnts of William Harrison his mark John [his mark] Scott The sd Thomas Busby acknowledged this deed in open Court unto the sd Benjamin Foster. Augt. 5 1695 Test. James Minge And then Recorded by order of the Justices. P JM. Cl. Cur.

This Indenture made ye first day of June Anno 1695 between Thomas Busby of Warwick in Charles Citty County of ye one pty and Robert Hathorne of Anteshora and and County aforsaid of ye other pty Wittnesseth yt ye sd Tho: Busby for and in consideration of fiffteen pounds sterl in hand payd and delivered by ye sd Hathorne before ye sealing hereof wher with ye sd Busby holdeth himself fully sattisfied Contented and payd: hath given granted aliened enfeofed assigned and sold onto ye sd Rober Hathorne his heirs and assignes of ever: a certien pcell a tract of Land conteining one hundred accres: situate lying and being att anteshora an bounded as followeth begining at ye mouth of ye spring branch runing along the swamp called anteshora swamp to a hicory tree marked between Freeman and ye sd Hathorne: and from that tree to ye ditch and Tenn yards without ye sd ditch for ye convenience of a road and from ye Corner of ye said ditch up along the ditch to a hicory Tree and tenn yards with out ye sd hicory tree for a road And thence along a line of marked Trees To ye head of Freemans Spring branch: and from thence to a pond and to a Smalle pyne standing in the sd pond and thence down along ye branch to ye place where it begunn to make up ye sd one hundred acres of Land