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In Henrico County Court October 6th 1851. Anderson, a slave, the property of Reuben Boston. Charged with a felony by him committed in this, that he the David Anderson did on the 1st day of September 1851, in the County of Henrico, feloniosly and maliciously burn a bushels of wheat, the property of James a. Moore, which said barn with the said wheat was burnt and were of the value of One' hundred Dollars, was this day set to the [bar?] in custody of the Sheriff, and a court of [oyer?] and [Tirmined?] being opened upon him. the count doth assign Thomas I. Evans. [Illegible] counsel to defend the Prisoner. and the Prisoner being arraigned plead not guilty: Whereupon sunday witnesses were sworn and examined touching the charge aforesaid, and Joseph [Marso?] the attorney is presenting Commonwealth as well as the Prisoner by the said Thomas I. Evans his counsel, in his defence fully hear. On consideration whereof, the count is of opinion that the Prisoner is guilty of the charge aforesaid and doth order that for the said offence he be sold and transported beyond the limits of the United States. And the court doth ascertain and fix the value of the said slave Anderson to be Two hundred dollars, and doth fix the fee of the counsel assigned to defend the Prisoner at twenty five dollars. a copy [Jeste?] Loftin N. Ellett Chlo The slave mentioned above was on the 24th [ins?] ordered by the Governor to be brought to [Illegible] Penitentiary. The [Illegible] of the public guard was [directed?] to have the order created, and it is to he presumed, tho' it cannot be certified now, that the slave is now in the penitentiary. O.F. Howard Executive Dept. October 29th 1851.