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At a court held for Matthews County on Monday the 10th day of November 1851. Present William [Sluttice?] , William S. Thruston, Matthias J. Harris, [Humas?] M. Hunley and William M. Brownley, Justices Caesar, a slave, the property of M. L. Atkinson of the city of Norfolk who stands charged with a felony by him committed in the County of Matthews and withing the jurisdiction of this court, in this, that the said Caesar, on the 20th day of October 1851 in the said county, did feloniously and in the night time of that day, burn a certain stable, barn and corn house containing about three hundred barrels of corn, ladder and other property of one Joshua Gayle, situate in the said county and which was then of the value of three thousand dollars, was this day set to the bar in the custody of the Sheriff of this county, and the said Caesar being thereupon arraigned, pleaded not guilty and the court having heard the evidence and arguments of the Commonwealth's and prisoners' attorney, are unanimously of opinion that the said slave Caesar is guilty of the offence wherewith he stands charged. And it being demanded of the said slave Caesar if any thing he had, or knew to say, why the court should not now proceed to pronounce judgement on him and nothing being offered or alleged in