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Wheras his Exccy Sr Edmund Andros knt. [Knight] Governor &c. hath authorized me James Bisse to signe and issue Forth Probats &c. ut in alijs. And Wheras Elias Wade late of this Colony decd did by his last Will and Testament ordain and apoynt Mary his wife Executrix of his sd Will. And wheras ffrancis Ruy and Mary his wife the Relict of the sd Elias Waad att a Court holden att Westover for this County on the fourth day of November last past make humble suit to the Court that a Probat of the sd Will might be granted unto her for which Causes full power and Lawfull authority is hereby given and granted unto her to dispose of all the goods and Chattells rights and Credits of the sd defunct according to the true intent and meaning of the sd ^ last Will and Testamt and to render a true account thereof when lawfully required. Given under my hand and seal this 29th January 1695 James Bisse Recorded P James Minge Cl Cur. A Probat of Elias Wades will wth a true Copy therof affixed hereto vid. page 252.

Wheras his Excellency Sir Edmund Andros Knt. [Knight?] & c. Governor hath Constituted and appointed me James Bifse to sign and issue forth all such Probates en ut in alys. And wheras Allen Jenkins late of Westover parish deceased did by his last will and Testament dated the 31. Day of December 1694 and proved in Court of this County Xbr 3 last past Ordain and appoint his daughter in law Sarah Smith his whole and sole Exocutrix aprobate therof might be granted unto her. For which causes full power and lawfull authority is hereby given and granted unto her the said Sarah to dispose of all the goods and chattells rights and credits of the said defunct according to the true intent and meaning of the said Will and Testament. and to render a true account thereof when Lawfully required. Given under my hand and seal this 29. January 1695 James Bifse Recorded T James Minge Cl Cur Allen Jenkins Probate the true copy of said will was anexed and affixed vid. page 254.

By this publick Instrument of Procueaion or Letter of Attorney Be it Known & Manifest unto all people that on the five and twentyeth day of the month of November Anno Doni 1694 and in the sixth year of the Reigne of William and Mary King and Queen of England & c Before me Jeremiah Jenkins Notary and Tabelion publick by Royal Authority admitted and Sworn dwelling in London and in the presence of the Witnesses after named Personally appeared Mssrs Micajah Perry Thomas Lane and Richard Perry of London afforesaid Merchants unto me Notary well known which appearers have made ordained and constituted and by these presents do make Ordain and Constitute William Sherwood of James City in Virginia Esq. at present in London and Peter Perry of Virginia Merchant to be their true and Lawfull attorneys giving unto them jointly and severally full power and authority & special charge for and in the names and to the use of the said Constituants to ask demand sue for recovery and recieve of and from all and every suchperson or persons whom it may Concern in Virginia afforesaid all and singular such sum and sums of money debts goods wares Tobacco lands houses cattle stock Negroes effects estate and things whatsoever apertain to the said Constituants either jointly or severally in Virginia afforesaid be the same due owing and belonging either by bill bond book consignment or