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257 or Consignements of Goods bill or bills of Exchange Contract promise Mortgage Conveyance order of Court Record or duree by any other wayes or means whatsoever, for what cause or reason soever the same may be nothing excepted nor reserv'd with all Costs damage and interests alsoe the Lands tenements Plantacons stock Negroes & estate of the said Constituants to enter upon and take possecon of and the same either the reall or personall estate of the Constituants to lett to farm or sell or dispose of to such person or persons and for such Termes of years Consideracons Condicons and agreemts as the sd Attornies or either of them shall thinke fitt & Convenient and to that end in the Names of the sd Constituants to make and pass or cause to be made and passed in due form of Law and according to the Custom of the Country all such leases deeds writeings and Conveyances as shall be needfull and necessary for the Conveying and makeing over of the same unto the Leassor or Purchasser [ye of?] Alsoe to Account compound and agree with any of the sd Constituants debtor or debtors and any maner of thing in difference to submitt unto and determin by arbitracon or any other amicable means and uppon the recoveries & Receipts Compossicons and agreemts to make and give due and sufficient accquittance and discharge And if need be for the said Constituants to Appear and their persons to Represent in all Courts and before all Lords Judges and Justices and Generally in and Concerning the premisses and the dependancies to dos say pursue implead seise sequester attach arrest imprison and Condemn and out of prison again when need shall be to delliver: with power to Substitute one or more attorny or attornys under them or either of them and the same again att pleasure to revoke and to doe such further and other matter and thing wtsoever in relacon to the premisses as the sd Constituants themselves might or could doe if personally present although the matter required more speciall authority then herein is Comprized. The sd Constituants hereby to hold and Ratify for good and vallid all whatsoever their sd Attornies or either of them their or either of their substitutes shall doe in the premisses by virtue of thes pnts In Wittnes wherof the said Constituants have hereunto putt their hands and seals the day and year afforsd. Micajah Perry [seal] Thomas Lane [seal] Richard Perry [seal] Sealed and dd in pnce of us Xpher [Christopher] Morgan James Morgan In testimonio Veritatis Jere: Jenkins Not. Publ. 1694

Endorsed thus. Att a Court held att James Citty County the 8 day of Aprill 1695 This Letter of Attorney was proved by the oath of Capt Christopher Morgan one of the Wittnesses therto. Test. Robert Beverly Cl Cur. Alsoe endorst. Att a Genll Court held att James Citty the 23 day of Aprill Anno Doni 1695 This Letter of Attorney was proved by the oath of Mr. James Morgan and being proved as above by the oath of Capt. Christopher Morgan it was at the request of Mr William Sherwood admitted to Record Test Robert Beverly Cl of Genll Cur.

This Letter of Atturny thus proved is Comitted to thes Records by Order of the Justices. March .3. 1695 att the motion of William Sherwood. vid pag. 24. R

To all people to whom thes pnts shall Come I William Sherwood Attorney of Micajah Perry and Compa. Merchants in London send greeting. Know yee that I the sd William Sherwood by virtue of the power and authority to me given and granted by a Certain writeing or Letter of Atturney under the hands and seales of ye sd Perry and Compa: dated in London the 25th day of November 1694 and proved & Recorded in the Genll Court the 23th day of Aprill now last past doe by thes pnts substitute and appoynt John Jones and Michael Lowe or either of them to aske demand sue for recover and receive all and singular such sum and sums of money &