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To the Honble the speaker & members of the General Assembly the petition of Thomas Mason showeth that your petition is [illegible] of the negroe slaves [illegible] of the name to wit Alice, Charles, Jenny, Molly, Sam, Bob, Jack [illegible] all of whom were born within this commonwealth. Your petitioner is also the owner of lands in Virginia & in Maryland. By the laws of Maryland [illegible] [illegible] lands in both states & residing in either may [illegible] their slaves from Virginia To Maryland for the special [illegible] of working their own lands but not for the purpose of selling or having them to others. About two years past your [orator?] [illegible] the Cases herein before [illegible] to Maryland for the special [illegible] of evoking them on his own land in that state of believing at the time that it would be in his favor to bring them back whenever the situation of his affair should make it advisable for him to do so. Your orator is now [illegible] to end [tirate?] some of his