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[DOC. No.14]

LINN BANKS, Esq. Speakers of the House of Delegates. In the pursuance of the act of March 1836, I have the [honor?] to submit to the general assembly, through you, the accompanying statement of the causes of the commonwealth in which it is my duty to appear as her counsel. Most respectfully, Your obedient servant, S.S. BAXTER, [Attorney General?] A. STATEMENT OF THE CAUSES in which it is the duty of the Attorney General to represent the Commonwealth in the Circuit Superior Court of the City of Richmond and County of Appeals, and the General Court.

Superior Court of Richmond and Henrico, on the Chancery side. Attorney General vs. Cottle and Reynolds.- A suit to subject the land of Cottle, sheriff of Kanawha, and his sureties. to the payment of money due from him for collection