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Robert Blackburn, of the County of Fairfax understanding that Charles, otherwise Charles Williams, a free man of colour, emancipated under the will of Thos. Sinclair Decd. intends applying to the Legislature for permission to remain in the Commonwealth for a limited period do hereby certify that I have known Charles from his boyhood upto the present time ,during a considerable portion of which, he was under my immediate [supervision?], [illegible] and direction, And that he has always sustained the character of a faithful slave, and honest, industrious, sober, [?] and orderly Man. Given under my hand this 18th day of Novr. 1835_Robert Blackburn The undersigned residents of Fairfax County have been acquainted with Charles Williams (a free man of colour) [illegible] to in the above certificate, for a number of years and fully concur in the facts stated in relation to his character. [Daw.?] T [Dulanydew?] Geo. [Braid?] Tho. [illegible] Jones Ira Gunnele W. W. Ball John C. Peneret John Blackburn Nathan Ball John Vallandingham G. W. [illegible] Jno. G. Hunter George Williams [N.?] W. Gunnele Geo. W Gunnele William Swink John Haycock