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[Holdon?] in and for [the?] County of Charles City authenticated & confirmed this deed according to law by their publick acknowledgement [illegible] of and their [illegible] to and for the [illegible] into [the?] publick records of this [illegible] County in witness whereof and for obligations to the [illegible] [illegible] performance of all and singulor gifts, grants, bargains, sales commonly, contracts, articles and [illegible] [illegible] above mentioned & [illegible] the [illegible] Robert Abernathy & [illegible] his wife[illegible] Jo Thorpe [illegible] [illegible] their hands and [illegible] this day signed, sealed and delivered [illegible] John Taylor George Tillman

Robert R Abernathy his hand and sealed [illegible] Abernathy her hand and sealed

Charles City County Court at Westover the 3d day of August 1699. The above deed was then acknowledged in open court by the Robert Abernathy and [illegible] his wife (being first examined by the officers) did [illegible] with her right of [illegible] in [illegible] Roger Tillman and at his motion of [illegible] deed is ordered to be recorded and accordingly is truly recorded. [illegible] John [illegible]

Whereas I have bought a boy named Archaball [McCartor?] of Mr. Robt Bogill; [illegible] is without indentures I [illegible] hereby acknowledge [illegible] by agreement is [illegible] but [seven?] years from [illegible] day of [illegible] as [illegible] my hand and sealed this 25th of July 1699 Edw: [illegible]

August 3d at Westover [illegible] above writing was brought into Court by [illegible] Archaball [McCartor?] and own'd by him to be his [illegible] with his [illegible] [illegible] and is recorded [illegible] [illegible] John [illegible]

Charles City County, Virga August 20, 1699: Know all men [illegible] that J Eliza Hassman (the [illegible] of Honty Hassman, decd) [illegible] and [appro?] Mr. Tho. Cotton my full and lawful attorney for me and in my name and behalf to pray for and take out of this county court my Letter of Administration on my aforesaid husband, [illegible] with [illegible] my hand and sealed this day and year above written. Signature Eliza E H Harman [illegible] Micajah Lowe [illegible] Lowe

Cha. City County Court at Westover [illegible] this [illegible] day of August, 1699: above letter of attorney was proved by oath of Mr Micajah Lowe and of a witness for and by order of the justice is recorded. John Taylor [illegible]

J. John Jones Falk in my place and stead put my [illegible] Mr. Jos: Harwood my attorney for and in my name to prove the last will and [Josta?] out of Bonony Cox decd and to take administration [illegible] will [illegible] if he [illegible] court hold for Chas City County witness my hand this 2nd day of August 1699: [Jost?] Geo. Blighton

Cha City County Court August 3d 1699 The above Letter of attorney was proved by oath of Geo Blighton witness [illegible] and [illegible] and order of the Court is recorded. John Taylor [illegible]