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The Communications Office is a division of the Office of the Governor in the Executive Branch of Virginia state government. The Communications Office promotes the Governor's initiatives and priorities outside of government, as well as monitoring coverage of the Governor from outside, independent news sources. During Governor Timothy M. Kaine's administration (2002-2010), the Communications Director strategically explained the Administration's priorities to the public in a variety of media. Any statement written or otherwise attributed to the Governor had to be cleared with Communications. The Communications Director was assisted in her responsibilities by a Press Secretary, additional press staff, a webmaster, and a photographer. In addition, the Communications Director oversaw the work of the Constituent Services Director whose staff members promptly responded to inquiries of the pubic received via mail, phone and email. The Communications Director was also a member of the Governor's Leadership Team. Delacey Skinner (January 2006-December 2008) and Lynda Tran (January 2009-January 2010) held this position during the Kaine administration (2006-2010).

The Press Office shaped communication strategy, communicated with the public, handled press relations, managed the Governor’s Web site, and provided advice/guidance on state agency communications.  The Press Office also prepared press releases on high profile or controversial state agency issues wrote Governor’s talking points and Cabinet talking points on high profile or controversial issues.

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