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Have you ever wondered what happened on a certain day in Virginia? Here is your chance to find out. This Day in Virginia History allows you to explore Virginia's past through the collections of the Library of Virginia. You'll discover that not only do our collections represent the famous, infamous, and unknown, but also that each item we hold has a story to tell. Both the extraordinary milestones of history and the commonplace moments that make up the lives of Virginians are shown here in a tiny sample of the archival records that Virginians have left behind.

Virginia Chronology icon VIRGINIA CHRONOLOGY

Written records of Virginia begin more than 400 years ago! We've collected over 600 of the most important, pivotal, weird, or significant events of Virginia history in our chronology. Browse through the timeline or select a historical time period and see how our commonwealth developed into the great state it is today.

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We want to share with you. We want to hear from you. We suffer from an embarrassment of riches in our collections. We offer services, events, and programs that benefit you and your community. We have a staff that works hard every day to provide information and opportunities that make the commonwealth stronger. And we want to tell you about it. So come connect with the Library of Virginia.