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Daniel: Freedom Suit, Northampton County (Part 1 of 3)

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1852, the said William G. Pitts, admin'r as aforesaid sued out of the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of said County a scire facias to [receive?] the said judgement against the said James H. White, administrator as aforesaid, on which said scire facias there was an award execution by the said circuit court on the 29th day of May 1852 and an execution of Fieri Facias on the same was issued from the Clerk's Office of said Court on the 28th day of June 1852 against the goods and chattels of the said Obedience White decd, in the hands of the said James H. White to be administered, (copies of said scire facias, award judgement, and executors, herewith filed, marked D.)

Your orators and oratrixes are informed and believe that the bond or claim, in which the said suite of Pitts against White instituted, with said judgement scire facias award of executions or execution in the same, has been assigned or attentions transferred by the said William William G. Pitts, adm'r, as aforesaid, to a certain Charles J. D. West of said County, for a small consideration, to wit, about the sum of two hundred dollars, but such assignment does not ap- appear on the papers of proceedings, and your orators and oratrixes do not know how and exactly for how much such assignment or transfer was made. That John H. Winder late Shff. of said County sued while he was such sheriff, to wit, on the day of July 1852, levied the said last mentioned executions on the bodies of your oratrixes the said Daniel, Abram alias Abraham, Mary Sr, George Sr, Leah, Mary Jr, George Jr, Jimmy and Joe, and held and still holds them confined in the jail of said County of Northampton, pretending together with the said William G. Pitts adm'r as aforesaid that they were the slaves of the said Obedience White at the time of his death, and so are liable to the said executions, and has accordingly advertised by public advertisement in writing that they will be sold on the 9th day Apl 1852, to satisfy said executions. Your complainants aver that the said Daniel, Abram, Mary Sr, and George Sr,