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Daniel: Freedom Suit, Northampton County (Part 1 of 3)

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The separate answer of William G. Pitts, admr d.b.n. with the will annexed of Major S. Pitts, deceased, one of the defendants to the Bill of complaint of Daniel, Mary Sr. Abram, alias Abraham, Leah, George and George jr Jimmy and Joe, negroes, exhibited in the Circuit Court for the county of Northampton against him and others. This defendant saving and reserving to himself all benefit and advantage of exception to the said bill, either for form or substance for answer thereto saith, That he admits that Nancy White departed this life in the year 1837, but whether she made her last will and testament for passing real and personal estate, this defendant does not know. He is advised that the paper filed as an exhibit as her will was but what purported to be a copy of a will admitted to record on the admission of the defendant James H. White, and he is advised that such admission was not equivalent to proof by [-ountnesses?] of the execution of a will. And this defendant further answering saith, that he believes that the said James H. White took possession of the slaves mentioned in the said will, except the said Leah and the issue of the said slaves since the death of the said Nancy White and that Polly Frost took possession of said Leah, after the death of the said Nancy White. And this defendant for further answer saith that he admits that the said Daniel, Abram, George Senr and Mary were so returned in the year 1850, did indicate a suit against the said James H. white in this court for the recovery of their freedom, and that a decree was pronounced by this court on the 17th day of December 1851, declaring them to be free. And this defendant further answering saith that he admits that the said James H. White disqualify as executor of the said paper so admitted to read as aforesaid as the will of said Nancy White and that he is the admr de bonis non of said Obedience White deceased. And this defendant for further answer saith that his [testator?] Major S. Pitts did recover against the said Obedience White, on the 20th day of May in the year 1824 in the former Superior Circuit of law for this county, a judgment