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"Legislative committee--U.S. Senate vote list", Item 001

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SENATORS IN FAVOR OF SUFFRAGE AMENDMENT STATE NAME PARTY VOTE (V means voted yes) PAIR (P means paired in favor) SPEECH (S means made speech in favor) [handwritten note:]Send letter of thanks to those marked x

Ariz. Ashurst, Henry F. Dem. V Smith, Marcus A. Dem. V

Ark. [X] Kirby, Wm. F. Dem. V S [X] Robinson, Joseph T. Dem. V

Calif. Johnson, Hiram W. Rep. P [X] Phelan, James D. Dem. V S

Colo. [ X] Shafroth, John F. Dem. V S [X] Thomas, Charles S. Dem. V S

Idaho [X] Nugent, John F. Dem. V

Ill[inois] [X] Lewis, James Hamilton Dem. V S Sherman, Lawrence Y. Rep. P

Ind[iana] New, Harry S. Rep. V Watson, James E. Rep. V

Iowa Cummins, Albert B. Rep. V S Kenyon, Wm. S. Rep. V S

Kas. [Kansas] Curtis, Charles Rep. V [x]Thompson, Wm. H. Dem. V S

Ky. [Kentucky] [x] Martin, George E. Dem. V S

La. [Louisiana] [speech>] [x] Ransdell, Joseph E. Dem. V S

Me. [Maine] Fernald, Bert M. Rep. V

Md. [Maryland] [x] France, Joseph I. Rep. V

Mich[igan] Smith, Wm. Alden Rep. V Townsend, Charles E. Rep. V.

Minnesota] Kellogg, Frank B. Rep. V Nelson, Knute Rep. V

Mississippi] Vardaman, James K. Dem. V S

Mo. [Missouri] [x]Wilfley, Xenophon P. Dem. P S

Montana] Myers, Henry L. Dem. V Walsh, Thomas J. Dem. V S

Neb[raska] Norris, Geo. W. Rep. V

Nev[ada] Henderson, Charles B. Dem. V S [special speech] [x] Pittman, Key Dem. V S

N.H. [New Hampshire] Hollis, Henry F. Dem. P

N. J. [New Jersey] Frelinghuysen, Jos. S. Rep. P.