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"News Bulletins, 1918", Item 002

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EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF VIRGINIA Headquarters, 100 N. 4th. St., Richmond, Va. July, 24, 1918. Dear Suffragist:- Accepting a plan recently adopted by the National Association, State Headquarters proposes to send to you from time to time as the occasions arise, bulletins bearing upon the work to be undertaken by our State League and all its branches, if we are to contribute our share of effort to the refranchise ment not only of the women of Virginia, but of the entire Union. These bulletins will be numbered, and their subject matter listed. It may not be necessary to acknowledge receipt of every bulletin--when a written response is desired, a request for one will be made, and, in replying, you may refer to the bulletin by number, thus saving time and repetition. As a written response will be requested only when necessary, Headquarters asks that you make a special effort to accede to such request. Really you have no idea of the hopelessness of sending out letter after letter with request for reply, and receiving only a few responses entirely too few in proportion to the number sent out. It is as hopeless as sending out an S.O.S. call at sea, and receiving no aid. It is as hopeless as the word "missing". Please do not be classed as "missing". Please answer Headquarters bulletins when you are requested to do so. Sincerely yours, Edith Clark Cowles, Executive Secretary. BULLETIN, No., 1. THE PRESENT S ATUS OF THE FEDERAL SUFFRAGE AMENDMENT: As you probably read in the newspapers, another attempt was made on June, 27, to get a vote in the United States Senate on the Federal Suffrage Amendment, and no vote has been taken. The facts are to be found in "The Woman Citizen" of July, 6, 1918. If you have not a copy you will do well to secure one. The Congressional Committee of the National Association at Washington is not down-hearted or in a mood to give up. They still believe the suffrage amendment will pass before the end of the session, that is December, 1., or, if not then, in the short session of Congress, beginning December 4. Mrs. Catt believes that the work of preparation for ratification should be made to the fullest and completest detail, so that everything will be in order for quick work immediately upon the passing of the amendment. Forty-two legislatures meet in 1919. When the amendment has passed Congress we must secure ratification of the federal suffrage amendment in the necessary thirty-six states to make the amendment a part of the Constitution. There could be no official proclamation that the amendment had become the law of the land during 1919 as opportunity must be given the legislatures of 1920 to act. It is necessary that every spot in Virginia shall be brought up to the standard before the legislature meets. Nothing must be taken for granted, but the work of our ratification campaign must be thoroughly done. ENROLLMENTS: Not a single man in Washington is there who has opposed the passage of the federal suffrage amendment but how bases his attitude upon the claim that women do not want the vote in his state and constituency. There is nothing which disabuses prejudice like the positive knowledge that women actually want the vote. That makes it all the more important that the women who wish to vote should be nerolled in such overwhelming numbers that there will be no question of the demand from them It is equally important that the demand from men shall be stated through the enrollments.