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"News Bulletins, 1918", Item 002

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HEADQUARTERS BULLETIN, No., 1. Page, 2. It should be further understood that any state which holds back on the enrollment work now, runs the risk not only of delaying the ratification, but of postponing it for the whole country. With the end in view of furthering the enrollment work and stimulating it to an early and complete results, the Leslie Commission has offered inducements to the states to take up the work with vigor. Eliminating the 12 full suffrage states, also Illinois and Arkansas where women's use of the ballot proves they wish to vote; eliminating also Michigan, south Dakota and Oklahoma where petitions to voters are now being circulated and there will be no need to do the work over, there remain 31 states to work on enrollments. The National Association has divided these 31 into 3 groups, as follows:- Group I. Alabama, Florida, georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. (10 states) Group II. Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa and Kentucky. (8 states) Group III. Connecticut, Deleware, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Vermont. (13 states) The Leslie Woman Suffrage Commission offers to the first state in each group which completes its quota of women's names ON or BEFORE November, 23rd., the sum of $1000. It offers the second state in each group to complete its quota of women's names the sum of $500. It offers the third state in each group to complete its quota of women's names the sum of $200. It is stipulated, however, that these proposed contributions will not be given to any state which does not complete its quota on or before December, 15th. The leslie commission thus offers contributions of $5,100 to the treasuries of the states which complete their work on the earliest dates. It is possible that there may be ties, but the Leslie Commission in that case would divide the contributions between the states forming the tie. PROCEDURE FOR CAMPAIGN: PLEASE call a meeting of the suffragists in your community at once to secure enrollments, beginning with the members of your own league. Then enroll your community. A good plan will be to pledge each suffragist to give so many hours a week to securing enrollments-- remember, November, 23rd., is not so very far away, and virginia wants one of those prizes, the first, if possible. You are asking members of your community simply to express the belief that women should vote. ENROLLMENT BLANKS: Enrollment blanks were sent to you in January. How many have you on hand and how many are filled out? The goal for Virginia is to secure the same number of women's names as there were men voting in the prohibition election. Thus, the quota for Frederick County is 1600 Winchester 300 RESPONSE DESIRED: Please reply to this bulletin. No matter how brief your reply may be. headquarters will appreciate a few words in response to this appeal. YOU ARE URGED NOT TO LET IT GO UNHEEDED.