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Unidentified : Coroner's Inquisition, Rockbridge County

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Aug. 07, 1870 Martha Price deponent On Monday morning last I saw blood on the door of Emma Brass alias Fielding and she having been apparently in a state of pregnancy it caused me to fear that she had given birth to a child. She had been sick and told me she had been made so by eating green corn. Emma Brass has a dress like the rag in which the body of the child was wrapped when found. I heard Emma get up in the night and go out but do not know how long she staid. I suppose some half hour, but it might have been more. Dicey Brass deposed. I saw blood on the floor of Emma Brass's alias Fielding floor on Monday morning. I saw her clothes and they were bloody and gave evidence of her having given birth to a child. Her body looked as small as mine though the day before she was as I thought with child. The rag in which the body was found is like Emma Brass's dress. She has left home and I don't know where she is. Emma never owned to me that she was with child. Joe Brass deposed. I believe that Emma Brass has been for some in the family way, and that the body found is her child