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Jack, etc., Trustee of v. Vass, Exr. of Philip E.: Chancery Cause, Halifax County (Part 1 of 2)

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containing sundry directions for the settlement and furnishing with stock, implements of husbandry of his slaves so to be emancipated. "Item 13th. It is my wish & desire that James Young of Halifax County Virginia do take my servants in possession so soon as it may be legal for him to do so, hire a white man workman and put my male servants with him to aid in building houses" &c. &c. containing directions for the settlement of his said slaves. "Item 14th. It is my wish and desire that James Young or the person that may undertake to do the said business or cause the same to be done as I have directed, shall at the completing of said work and settling the said servants be on the land and furnishing them what I have herein named for them, be the said James Young shall be paid out of the balance of the money which may be remaining of the sum money herein appropriated, three hundred dollars for his services, and if there is not a sufficient balance to pay the said James Young for his services, it is my wish for him to be paid out of any money belonging to my Estate, my wish and desire is that James Young or the person that does the business herein requested by me, make his account of money expended and return the same with the money if there is any remaining after completing the work and settling the said servants on their land and furnishing them as requested by me, to my execution hereafter named or to the Clerk's Office, or which he may think proper." Your Orator James Young charges that he has frequently applied to the said Isaac Medley to pay him as the Trustee for the said emancipated slaves the aforesaid sum of two thousand dollars with the interest thereon from a reasonable time after the death of the testator when the principal should have been paid: but he has hitherto failed under various pretences to pay any part thereof. To the end therefore that the said Isaac Medley executor of Philip E. Vass dcd may be made defendant to this bill and required to answer the several allegations, thereof: that he may be required to pay to your Orator James Young for the purposes designated by the testator in his said will, the aforesaid sum of two thousand dollars with legal interest therein from a reasonable time after the death of the said testator when the principal sum should have been paid: or if your honour should be of opinion that the said emancipated slaves have not the right to receive the interest, that the said defendant may be required to pay to your Orator the said James Young the said sum of two thousand dollars: and that your Orator and Oratrices may have such other & farther relief as the case may require and to Equity may seem meet: May it please your Honour to grant the Commonwealth's wit of subpoena &c. R. Logan JC.