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Jack, etc., Trustee of v. Vass, Exr. of Philip E.: Chancery Cause, Halifax County (Part 1 of 2)

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plaintiffs in that state he would respectfully submit whether they are in that event entitled to the money aforesaid at all under the will? Your respondent is advised that they are not entitled to demand interest on said sum, as is manifest from the subsequent clauses of the will. Your Respondent, further submits, that if the Legacy was vested by the will in the plaintiffs, whether the present plaintiffs can claim the whole amount hereof when by their own shewing one of the beneficiaries is dead & his Representative is not a party-- and your Respondent further submits whether the plaintiffs are not bound to make him a party in this suit? In relation to the delay & refusal to settle alleged in the bill, your respondent says that the relations & legatees of the said P. E. Vass, claimed that the colored plaintiffs were slaves, and until by decree of this Court their right to freedom was established this respondent could not liberate them--and before and subsequently to that decision, James Young frequently refused to take upon himself the burden of the trust confered on him; and it is but recently that the said Young has undertaken to act for them. And this respondent having fully answered prays to be hence dismissed with his Costs &c. (T. J. Green p. q.) Halifax County to wit: This day Isaac Medley the above named Ex'r. of P. E. Vass personally appeared before me a justice of the peace for the County aforesaid and made oath that the facts stated in the foregoing are as of his own knowledge are true; and those stated as on the knowledge or information of others