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Jack, etc., Trustee of v. Vass, Exr. of Philip E.: Chancery Cause, Halifax County (Part 2 of 2)

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Hundred yds. My wish and desire is that my negroes be furnished with two good work horses & the necissary plantation tools to make a crop with & two good milk cows, meat and corn for the first year say four Bbls corn each and one hundred and fifty pounds pork to be distributed to them in the manner which may be thought most proper by the Gentleman I shall hereafter named to be my wish for to attend to this clause of my will, which relates to the Emancipating my servants; it is my wish and desire that if either one of the servants, which is Emancipated by me, dose become Rogueish & entire nuisance to this country he she or them shall escheat to this Commonwealth and be sent from this country to the Colony of Liberia and it is moreover my wish and desire that none of the servants Emancipated by me shall ever have it in their power to dispose of the said lands which may be bought for them or any other property given them by me either by Gift or any other way whatever, but go to them & to their family in succession, and it is my wish that when the servants which is liberated by me & the increase of their bodies on the female side be extinct, that the said land and all the property which may be in their possession previous to the death of the said servants be sold on a credit of one two and three years with bonds and approved security, to carry interest from the date if not punctually paid. The money arising from the sale of the Land & property I shall hereafter dispose of in General terms. Item 13th. It is my wish and desire that James Young of Halifax County Virginia do take my servants in possession, so soon as it may be legal for him to do so, Hire a white man workman, and put my male servants with him to aid in building houses & complea