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Jack, etc., Trustee of v. Vass, Exr. of Philip E.: Chancery Cause, Halifax County (Part 2 of 2)

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to give such security the said justice shall commit such free negro or Mulatto to the jail of their County, there to be confined until the next County Court unless in the mean time he or she shall give security as aforesaid; and at the said Court it shall be the duty of the said Court to inquire into the Case; and if it shall appear to them that the said free negro or Mulatto, has migrated into this state contrary to the provisions of this act they shall enter judgement, against him or her for the aforesaid penalty, and may award Execution thereon; and if he or she shall have no property, or not sufficient to satisfy the said debt, the said Court shall adjudge that the said free negro or Mulatto shall be hired out for a term of time, not exceeding that prescribed in the 65th section of this act in such manner and upon such terms, as may seem expedient to said Court. §67. If after the expiration of the term of service for which such free negro or Mulatto shall have been held in Servitude, he or she shall remain in this State for 30 days such free negro or Mulatto should be liable to the same penalties and punishment as are prescribed in the 65 & 66 sections of this act - §68. The person who shall bring into this State, by water or land, any free negro or Mulatto shall forfeit & pay for every such person, so brought into this State, the sum of 500 dollars, to be recovered by action of debt in the name of the State for the use of the County where the offence shall be committed provided that this section shall not be extended to Masters of vessels bringing into this State any free negro or Mulatto, employed on board and belonging to said Vessel & who shall therewith Deport her to any person travelling in or through this State having any free negro or Mulatto as a servant, & who shall with such person depart out of the state. It is admitted by the Court in Young Trayler &c vs Medley, Ex'r. of Vass, that the above is a true Copy of the Laws of North Carolina relied upon in the Answer, and admitted to be read as proof of said laws. Th J Green for deft. Medley I have examined and compared the above with the Statute of North Carolina as contained in a book purporting to contain the Revised Statutes of the State of North Carolina and to have been published by authority of the Legislature of the said State in the year 1837, and which I have reason to believe were published by the authority of the Legislature of the said State of North Carolina; and find that it is correctly copied. Rich'd Logan for James Young Trustee