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McCormack, Anderson v. McCormack, Admr. of William, etc.: Chancery Cause, Halifax County (Part 10 of 16)

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2 John H Wade. In his first deposition taken by Deft says that whilst he acted as deputy sheriff in this County, he had an execution vs Anderson & Wm McCormack & Wm McCormack that he applied to W. McCormack for satisfaction of it. That Wm told him he must levy it on Anderson's property that the woman Matilda belonged to Anderson & that he (Wm) had no claim to her. That he accordingly seized the negro & after traveling some miles was overtaken by Anderson who paid him the money & took her back. That at the same time Anderson said he was not afraid of her being sold as the right to her was in his father. That some time afterwards another execution for about $75 or $80 came to his hands against the same parties & he again applied to Wm McCormack, who said that Anderson was to pay it as it was the balance of the purchase money due on the negro and that when that was paid, she would belong to Anderson. In his second Deposition (taken by plff) after the witness had refreshed his memory by an examination of the [dfftd?] he shews that he was entirely mistaken as to the amount of the debt last spoken of in his first deposition. This deposition & the papers filed with & referred to in it shows it was an execution of George Ferguson assignee of McEarly assignee of Melchezidec Early on the bond of $245 given by Wm McCormack in place of that given to McGeorge for the purchase of the boy Adam (who was sold