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McCormack, Anderson v. McCormack, Admr. of William, etc.: Chancery Cause, Halifax County (Part 11 of 16)

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testimony given by the parties upon which to form this account, which is offered not as the report of the views of the Comr but as founded upon the evidence before him. By reference to the deposition of Archelaus Cornutt given in this cause at a former period it will be seen that William McCormick gave his bond for $330:23 over and above his interest in the estate of Cornutt for Matilda his interest in said estate amounting to $271:27 - By reference to the deposition of Richard McCormick it will be seen that William McCormick the Father of Anderson McCormick acknowledged that Anderson McCormick had paid him in full for Matilda, the Deposition of John H Wade given in these causes at a former period, goes in part to substantiate this statement of Richard McCormick. Richard McCormick's Deposition is all the evidence offered before me as to the payment of this money by Anderson McCormick to his Father Wm McCormick. As regards the character of Richd McCormick as a man of veracity see depositions of Pleasant Preston, William Hopkins, Thomas Kasey & R Huddleston. Having no other means of ascertaining whether the debts mentioned in the procedings as being due from Anderson McCormick have or have not been paid I have examined said McCormick touching the subject by reference to his deposition it will be seen that every thing was stopped and settled to the satisfaction of Early and Hopkins — The number of the children of Matilda now living will be seen to be seven by reference to the deposition of Henry Showalters, their names are Andy, Church, Powell, Mariah, William, Adaline and Amanda. Mariah has a son named John, all now in the possession of the Defendant Henry Showalters. Matilda died in 1844. She had four children not enumerated above who died in infancy. All of which is respectfully submitted Wm T Taliaferro Comr

Comrs fee $28:43 cents}

Franklin County to wit This day personally appeared before me one of the Commissioners in Chancery for the County Court of Franklin Comr Wm T Taliaferro and made oath that he was engaged in taking evidence and making the above statements thirty seven hours and 55 minutes Given under my hand this 23rd day of July 1851 Hugh Nelson Com'r